Yacht charter in Alaska focuses on passengers

The Alaskan Story is a yacht charter in Alaska that is all about the passengers. We here at Alaskan Yacht Charters focus on the experience of a lifetime that our cruise clients receive while on The Alaskan Story.

We offer as many photographic opportunities for our passengers as possible for those wanting to capture the trip in detail. We have a laptop on board to help facilitate a need for keeping a spare copy of digital photographs when a client has filled up their camera’s memory cards. A reminder to clients: Please bring more batteries, memory cards, and film than you think you will need in nine days of traveling.

We try to visit hot springs on each charter, though due to unforeseen conditions this may not always be possible. Our yacht has covered sections of the deck so that wildlife watching is still possible during the rainy moments of the cruise.

Our retrofit of The Alaskan Story in 2003 and 2004 added features to help make the yacht feel more like home for our clients. While space is limited in our Staterooms, we want our clients to feel comfortable during their 9-day and 8-night cruise.

Geoff and Debbie Wilson, Alaskan Yacht Charters owners, have been sharing the Alaskan experience with their cruise clients for over 20 years. They know Alaska. They share their knowledge and love of Alaska with passengers.

Each cruise scheduled for 2013 and 2014 is here on the website. Some cruises listed as schedule and full may have opened up before changes occur here. Please call Geoff Wilson today to see if your vacation dates work with one of our scheduled yacht charters in Alaska. We look forward to sharing Alaska with you on The Alaskan Story.