Week 14: The Rancheros: August 12-20

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Geoffrey and Sharon, Dick and Jan, Hal and Amalia and Gregg and Jody: What a great week! Orcas right out of the  gate;  a great day at Pavlof, fishing and then again a mother bear and her two cubs of the year.  We have been watching as the mother protect and educated her cubs to survive this tough life.  Again great fishing, salmon and halibut and some stream fishing in Red Bluff Bay.  If you only watch one of our videos perhaps it should be this one.  We made friendships that will last and which we will cherish.  Geoff’s invitation to me to come play golf was even more inviting when he reminded me that he had two BMW motorcycles….and a ride with the Ranchero’s; who knows.

From Amalia and Hal:  ” Lovely lovely trip. Never to be forgotten experience! Thanks to each and every one of the crew including Dash (our little Westie).  Come see us in California.

Dick and Jan Pierce:  “Delicious food! Jacob and Jess were “johnies on the spot” when it came to anticipating what was needed.  Thanks too Geoff, our skilled Captain, for creating the “Rancheros Video” Such a fun way to remember our great week.”