Photographers in Glacier Bay: August 11-19

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Thanks for a great Alaska experience. The whales, orcas, bears,
Glaciers were breathtaking. Geoff, Debbie, Brendan and Jess all enhanced the experience with extensive background info. Special thanks to Debbie for all the outstanding meals she prepared. Curtis DeVries

“2nd time just as fabulous as the first. And oh the many wonderful additional things you showed us: Bears and cubs, sea otters on ice, bergs abounding, orcas and humpbacks bubble feeding…with 6 breaches. Another trip to savor for life. Thank you for your wonderful care for and comradery of our guests. Food and dinners superb as ever.” Cheryl North and Curt DeVries: Bedford New Hampshire.

“First time in Alaska; couldn’t have picked a better introduction. Many thanks for a great experience with the wildlife. Foods was wonderful; crew was attentive and knowledgeable.” Linda Weber: Delmar, New York.