What to Pack For Your Alaska Yacht Tour

Cruising around Alaska is a thrilling experience that will delight nature lovers, travel gurus, and adventure addicts alike. Like many other vacation experiences, it’s either enhanced or compromised based on what you do (and don’t) remember to pack.

This simple packing guide will help you travel to Alaska with the right clothes, items, and accessories for your yacht tour. Read on to learn about three items that deserve a place in your Alaskan cruising suitcase.

Traveling in summer? Bring shorts

When most people think of Alaska, they think of cold weather. For most of the year, they’re right. Alaska is the coldest state in the country, with temperatures regularly dropping below zero and rainwater often freezing as it approaches the ground.

Despite this, the Alaskan summer is far from cool. Warm summer days in Alaska can reach upwards of 75 degrees, making it important that you pack a couple of pairs of shorts for days where the weather doesn’t match the Alaskan reputation.

Walking? Pack some light shoes

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need thick hiking boots to walk around in the Alaskan countryside. While winter blizzards make snowshoes and specialized gear important, the average Alaskan yacht tour requires only basic footwear.

Long walks in Alaska, particularly in rainy weather, are best undertaken in knee-high rubber boots. These are widely available in Alaska, so packing your favorite sports shoes is a great idea if you’d like to keep your suitcase light and agile.

Cool winter? Pack waterproof layers

The Alaskan winter is best described using two words: cold and wet. The best way to keep warm is to wear multiple layers of clothing – preferably a waterproof outer layer with several warm, soft, and comfortable layers underneath.

Pack a waterproof coat and some waterproof pants during your time in Alaska, as well as warm sweaters and fleece to wear underneath. Several layers of clothing is often more effective at retaining warmth than a single thick jacket or sweater.

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/masochismtango/2186726069/