What Should the Best Alaskan Cruise Provide?

Want the true Alaskan cruise experience? You won’t find it on a giant luxury cruise liner. For the best Alaska cruise experience, it’s worth looking at smaller, far more intimate and personal yacht charter offerings.

Read on to learn four great qualities that any great Alaskan cruise should offer for you. From comfort to memories, these experiences are what separate the world’s best Alaskan cruises from the imitators.

Local Experience

Alaskan is a true frontier – a part of the United States that’s unlike anywhere else in the country. As such, it’s the type of destination that’s best experienced with a local guide on your side.

Choose an Alaskan cruise service that puts you in the hands of knowledgeable locals that understand the area, not corporate staff with little on-site training.

A Thrilling Journey

Sitting in your cabin aboard a luxurious mega-cruise ship might be comfortable, but it offers very little in the way of hands-on experience. Visiting Alaska on a small ship, however, gives you an incredible experience that simply can’t be matched.

Enjoy all of the creature comforts of a large cruise ship without the annoying feeling that you’re on a packaged tour.

Incredible Comfort

Unlike small yachts, which offer very little in the way of comfort, the 90-foot Alaskan Story is a comfortable yacht that will make your journey an enjoyable one. Relax in a private cabin that’s supported by a special Naiad stabilization system to reduce roll.

The Alaskan sea is known for big waves and great fish – with our anti-roll system, you’ll only ever experience the latter of the two.

Lasting Memories

Board a large cruise ship and you’ll return home with memories of onboard shows, mass-produced cuisine, and a very ‘packaged’ experience. Step aboard the Alaskan Story, however, and you’ll return home with unforgettable memories of Alaska.

Instead of enjoying a packaged holiday that gives you few long-term memories, try a great Alaskan cruise with personal service, wonderful experiences, and a local view of the country’s most inspiring coastal environments.

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/usoceangov/5794232711/