3 Great Locations to Visit on Your Alaskan Yacht Tour

From fjords to glaciers, vistas to rivers, visitors to Alaska can experience a massive range of natural attractions. While visiting by road grants you access to most of the state’s impressive scenery, the best way to experience Alaska’s incredible beauty is by chartered Alaskan yacht tour.

If you’re searching for the ultimate Alaskan experience, consider visiting these three incredible locations during your tour around the state. Each offers a unique view of the state’s incredible ecological diversity and truly stunning geography.

Glacier Bay National Park

Known for its incredible scenery and immense biodiversity, the Glacier Bay National Park is one of Alaska’s true treasures. Despite its popularity with tourists, the bay is remarkably undisturbed and remains a true haven for nature enthusiasts.

Strict limits on cruise ship traffic means that Glacier Bay is undisturbed for most of the daytime. Plan your trip carefully and you could spot a humpback or sea lion as you travel around this magnificent natural wonderland.


Formerly a gold rush boomtown, Skagway is one of Alaska’s top historical towns. A popular location for cruise ships touring Alaska during the summertime, the town’s immense popularity has changed its character but done little to change its charm.

Visit some of the area’s beautiful walking trails, enjoy some truly fantastic historical sites within the town itself, or ride on the White Pass and Yukon Heritage Railway to get a great view of Skagway’s beautiful countryside.

Misty Fiords National Monument

Located in Alaska’s extreme southeast, the Misty Fiords National Monument is one of the Northwest United States’ most remarkable natural attractions. Visit the giant U-shaped rock formations by charter yacht or travel independently by kayak.

Known for its natural ‘canals,’ the Misty Fiords National Monument is a rewarding destination for adventure travelers. Home to grizzly and black bears, whales, and wild salmon, it’s also a major ecological hotspot in Alaska’s southeastern corner.

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomsaint/3729216085/