Alaskan Yacht Charters

2019 Schedule




         2019  schedule


This schedule is not final until October 1, 2018.  If final dates are required please contact me.

We have special permits for Glacier Bay:  That is an option for all weeks.

We also have different itineraries available so if that is an issue please call me.

Destination Status Dates On Vessel
1. Juneau to Sitka Open May 20-26
2. Sitka to Juneau  Open May 28-June 3
3. Juneau to Sitka Open June 5-11
4. Sitka to Juneau Open June 13-19
5. Juneau to Juneau Open June 21-27
6. Juneau to Juneau
Hold June 29-July 5
7. Juneau to Juneau Open July 7-13
8. Juneau to Juneau Full July 15-21
9. Juneau to Sitka Full July 23-29
10. Sitka to Juneau Full July 31-August 6
11. Juneau to Juneau Open August 8-14
12. Juneau to Juneau Hold August 16-22
13. Juneau to Juneau Open August 24-August 30
14. Juneau to Ketchikan Open Sept 1-7


Please call Geoff Wilson at (206) 780-0822 to check on last minute changes to our bookings. We may have a cruise on your dates available.

9 day package includes hotel night before and after cruise, 7 days, 6 nights on vessel. All-inclusive except fishing licenses, hard liquor and crew gratuities.

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